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"Clockwork Performance Training"

Kane Bradfield

CEO & Founder of CPT

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Why Clockwork Performance Training?

At Clockwork Performance Training, our goal is to give every athlete the competitive edge in their sports, while enhancing each client's health and lifestyle. We do this all while focusing on creating a family environment so athletes of all ages and abilities feel comfortable training and grow with us.

Want to improve your batting, pitching and catching skills?

CPT has you covered! We offer "HitTrax" a redefining technology that will enhance your skill set!

Qualified Coaches

Our coaches have years of experience in various types of fitness and sports.

Family Atmosphere

We focus on creating a family environment so athletes of all ages and abilities feel comfortable training and growing with us.

Great Programs

We offer numerous programs for all ages, sports and fitness levels.

Group Fitness

Come and get your sweat on in

one of our group fitness classes

Athletic Programs

Enhance your athletic performance

and excel in your sport!

Skills Development

Give yourself a competitive edge over your competitors with our speed and vertical classes


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CPT is a world class facility ahead of its time. Whether you are trying to develop, advance, exceed to the next level in sports, or just putting your body in the best shape to live a great healthy life. CPT has the training and instructors who have the knowledge and wisdom to help you accomplish all your personal goals.

Kevin R, Dunn

CPT client

Going to CPT puts me in the best athletic shape I can get in and makes me feel better about myself. There's no better feeling than after finishing a workout and realizing I was tough enough to make it through. I'm also notice my endurance and performance has increased on the field because of the workouts

Aubree Ussery

CPT client

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